Saturday, April 19, 2008

A quick sneak peek!

Before I run out the door! I think I probably got more than what we thought!


Friday, April 18, 2008

Storyboards, Wall hangings, and Canvas

I wanted to take a minute to share some new things I am offering.
I have had some questions about storyboards and what they are and what they look like, so thats where we will start.

Storyboards are a fun modern way to show off your prints, all sizes of storyboards from 5X5-20X20 come mounted on styrene for stability and ease of use. You can have theme put into frames, but the fresh modern appearance of them makes them perfect for leaning on a shelf or displaying on a small easel.
Storyboards are a series of pictures displayed together on one print sometimes with a little saying included to add to the 'story'. I am offering mini storyboards as well, a mini storyboard is the perfect gift for a grandparent or other relative. Both the 5X5 and the 5X10 storyboards are the perfect size for a desk.
I am very happy to be offering the "Defined" series on my storyboards, although I do have lots of other ideas for them.
A few samples of the 5X5 and the 5X10-they are also avail. in and square size and in a 10X20 size.
Similar to Storyboards I am also offering wall hangings. Wall hangings are avail in 2 sizes 10X10 and 12X12 they are strung with ribbon in a co-ordinating colour and are perfect for nurseries and childrens bedrooms

I am also happy to announce the arrival of the CANVAS.
Canvas mounted prints are absolutely the most gorgeous prints I have seen to date. The image POPS right off the canvas. Even though the canvas is textured the print is still sharp and perfect.

I will be bring all of these samples to sessions with me for up-close viewing

Again, any previous clients who would like to order a storyboard, wallhanging or print on canvas please contact me.

Have a wonderful sure is beautiful out!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Thinking Outside the 4X6 box!

Everybody has seen the traditional crop of a basic 4X6 photograph, but why not try something a little different like a 5X5(or larger)square? Or maybe a long rectangle like 10X20
Squares and other non-traditional crops are fun and so contemporary and custom looking.

First is the original 4X6 crop

Next we have a square crop:

Lastly a 10X5 crop:

All the pictures look great in any of these crops but I wanted to put it out there that its okay to think outside of the 4X6 box.
Another thing I will be introducing in the next few weeks is prints on canvas. These are your prints stretched over stretcher bars and ready to hang with no framing needed.

They will look something like this:

So many new things to be introduced in the next few weeks....check back for more updates on new items.
Feel free to email me with any questions.
If you have already had your pictures done and I am now offering something you would like please contact me.