Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I like pie(a product review!)

(Disclaimer-This is a totally personal post...with nothing to do with Photography AT all!)

Okay...actually I don't like pie much. That being said.....I do like Punch Bowl Market Pie....A LOT. The market is still closed season still, I have heard they are busy preparing to open. They are located on the picturesque Escarpment of Stoney Creek at 136 Ridge Road
.(Big red barn, you can't miss it)
I kid you not, it really is the best pie I have ever had and coming from a gal who really doesn't care much for pie that is saying a ton! I am a very VERY big fan of the apple pie. They carry tons of other kinds too though, and I have recently learned their Peninsula Pie(which is a combo of various different fruits) is their signature pie.

They make their pies from scratch, thats right kids, these pies are not made out of a factory on some assembly line....there are bakers, real live bakers baking these babies! You can also get them frozen and ready to be put in your oven-I swear these are just as great!

At this point I have a pie filled diet....honestly I probably have too much pie in my diet....but I just can't stop myself. They are available at Elm Grocery, which makes them all too easy for me to get!

I wish I had taken a picture of my last pie to show you how stuffed full of fruit these are. They are so worth EVERY penny!
Anyway...thats my thoughts on the best pie EVER!
I promise to take a picture next time I have some!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

A sneak peek from today!

Check out this group of cute cousins from today! I wanted to get something up here fast so their parents would be re-assured that I did get a few shots today!