Thursday, November 6, 2008

This is me:

Funny I should need to say this right after my holiday deadline post....none of it applies now though.

I am copying and pasting this because I just can't type it all again:

I truly have an amazing life. I have the most wonderfully perfect husband and three perfectly perfect boys a great house in the making. A photography business that is booming. An all round really good life.
Although my great life is great....we all have private stuff that goes the quiet times ya know...that stuff you just keep to yourself and deal with alone.
I ahve had bladder cancer off and on for 8 years. It is so quickly and non invasively dealt with it seems more of a hassle to go get checked and then usually once a year have a tumour removed. I take it very seriously, though, of course. I never miss a check up or skip an appointment. I had my last Surgery for my bladder on Oct. 22. I went in to the hospital and I came out after surgery feeling EXACTLY the same. So a very easy surgery to go through.
My bladder doc ordered a ctscan of my kidneys 3 months ago. They found a small cyst on my left ovary. I didn't sleep well for a very long time with worries of what if it is not a cyst.
Fast fwd to Monday Nov 3. I go in to have a small laproscopic surgery to remove the cyst (normally not done just yet but because of my history the gyno wanted to be sure) I tell my husband on the way to the hospital "if they find something bad and come to ask you what to do tell them to take out anything, everything, whatever they need to." I woke up to a complete hystorectomy and the newly discovered fact that I have ovarian cancer. They are pretty sure they got all of it...but I will have to have chemo to be sure.
Along with the pain meds and grogginess of waking up after surgery this is a freakin' lot to take in!
Still I am finding it hard to believe...but I am tough, I really am. I have my perfect life to LIVE for. I don't know what I would do without my husband, or my children or any of the fantastic people who have stepped forward to offer help, or dropped off food, sent flowers....or even listened to me go on and on.(especially in my highly sedated state!!)

To all my beloved clients:

I will unfortunately not be taking any clients until I know what I can handle. I have to recover from surgery and then decide what will happen and how up to taking clients I am during chemo.
Please do not hesitate to contact me via email for anything you may need. I am still editing a few sessions and will get those done in a timely fashion...I promise.

Sorry no picture today....



amy (3Peas) said...

Hugs and positive wishes for a speedy recovery....

The Byker Family said...

I'm so sorry to hear this Holly. LOTS of love and prayers your way!