Monday, May 5, 2008

Ever Changing

I suppose, as a new business grows there are always changes to occur. I haven't offered any collections as of yet but I have started thinking about them. I'd like to have your input on a few things(see poll at right): Please cast your Vote!

Collections-If I were to offer collections they would be customizable in that there would not be single pose chosen to fill the whole collection. for example
a collection containing 1-11X14, 2-8X10 and 5-5X7 could be 8 different pictures

Referral program: I'm thinking something like a free print of a specific size for each referal-for you and the person you refer to me.

Lastly other Unique Custom photo items: This might include things like photo jewelery and purses

I'd love your thoughts on these things

oh and lastly...what is a photography blog without a picture???

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Laura Smith said...

How cute are your boys??!! I wasn't sure where to post my comment so I just picked a spot. I know I have told you many times that you are soooo talented. I think if you gave out referral thank-you's, you'd be giving them out left and right! I love your idea of photo jewllery. Those are heirloom pieces and you would certainly come up with something cool. I know I have told you we had our pictures done before I realized you were doing this, but when I decide to do them again, I will drive back from Huntsville baby!!