Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The results are in!!

Looks like collections are what you want most. Thats not to say that other custom items and a referral program won't be introduced in the future but for now I'll focus on getting some collections put together for you. I'm hoping to have them avail. by the weekend. It is hard work figuring out what should go into a collection so the weekend is my goal but there are no guarantees!
It has also come to my attention that although square cropped pictures are really cool there are some people out there who have mentioned to me they are worried about purchasing the square crops because they don't know where to find frames.
I have decided to offer you the option of having your square cropped prints framed for an extra fee. At this time I am able to offer framed square prints in only the 10X10 and 12X12 sizes. They will come in a 20X20 inch frame with a matte sized to the print. They will be avail in black, white, and a med wood colour all with a light ivory matte.
I will be on a hunt for a frame to fit a 20X20 print as well.
Have a happy long weekend everyone!!!

Check out the new Logo!! :-)

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