Thursday, June 19, 2008

Busy Summer and SOME favourite pictures....all the way from last year to now!!

Doesn't summer always seem sooooo busy??
I guess there is tons of stuff to do all the time.
Since summer is so busy I thought I'd get a calendar up and running to give you all some idea of when to book.
Oh and one more thing....if you have already booked and you look at the calendar and wonder why it says available on your booked day...don't worry...I am keeping track, there must be more time to do another session.
Here is the calendar link:


of my favourite images from last summer till now!
In no particular order :-)

I have SOOOO many other pictures I could include here....

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--cherry. said...

these look fabulous holly!! looks like you've had a fun year. LOVE all the outdoor shots!! too cute!